Monday, March 5, 2012

Matrilineal Monday - Ollie Mae Calcote French

My husband's maternal grandmother was born on the 5th of July in 1905 in Mississippi, the youngest child of William Harrison Calcote, Jr. and Virginia F. Buckles.  She is listed with her parents on the 1910 and 1920 Franklin County, Mississippi Census records.
In 1930 she, her husband, Alvie French, and their three daughters, Myrtice, Voncile, and Helen, were living in Roxie, Mississippi. This photo of Ollie holding Voncile was taken some time in 1924 in Hamburg, Mississippi.  It was scanned in October 2011 when we visited Aunt Cile.
The dates the following pictures were taken of Alvie and Ollie are unknown.
This photo of Alvie and Ollie with their first grandchild, Everett, was taken in the late 1940s. I do not know when the studio picture of Ollie was taken, but it is the only portrait I have seen of her.
Robin with her great grandparents in Roxie, Mississippi in October 1983.  One of my favorite memories of the trip is the unbelievably delicious lemon icebox pie she made.  When told how much I liked it, she made another one.  She used to make a pecan pie for each grandchild when they came to visit and there are none that compare to how good they were.
Four Generations
Daughter Myrtice, granddaughter Carolyn and great grandson Ryan with Ollie
Hobbs, New Mexico about 1986


  1. Comments from Carolyn about the professional photos taken of Ollie and Alvie French: "I remember grandmother saying that it was taken only a few weeks after Aunt Helen died. They didn't want a photo taken since they were still grief stricken over Helen. It would only serve to remind them of this sad time. But Aunt Cile made them go. Grandmother said she only saw sadness when she would look at the photos."

  2. Comment from Carolyn:
    "The photo of them in a house (about the 3rd or 4th photo down) w/grandmother sitting in a chair in the corner. That looks like the house at the fire tower."

  3. Comment from Carolyn about the four generations photo: "Right after this picture was taken Ryan jumped out of my lap and took off running towards the road w/ me trying to chase him down. I remember mother and Grandma French laughing and making fun of how I looked running."

  4. Hi Betty, Ollie Mae is my great-grandmother. I was playing around with the family tree and decided to search for some family members. I am Melissa Whitehead Parker, Voncile's granddaughter. Thanks for sharing the pictures.