Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Alvie French and Ollie Calcote

Alvie French and Ollie Mae Calcote were married 12 November 1921 in Franklin County, Mississippi.  Their granddaughter, Carolyn, has the original marriage certificate.  Carolyn remembers her grandmother telling her about when her granddaddy courted her grandmother. He would ride up on his white horse and tie it up in front of the house. One day he showed up unexpectedly.  Grandmama, and her sisters, Aunt Alma and Aunt Myrtis, were barefooted. They were mortified and had to pull their dresses over their feet so he couldn't see them because you didn't let men see your naked feet.

These are scanned copies of pictures and a newspaper article about their 50th wedding anniversary celebration in November 1962.  

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