Friday, January 6, 2012

Another Piece of the Puzzle and More Puzzle Pieces

This find in a family photo album was one more little piece to add to the story we're trying to put together to learn more about our ancestors.
The names are hand written in pencil on the black paper of a small photo album that was in a box of things my husband's cousin, Frances, brought me to go through.  The pictures are also labeled in blue ink and they are Ralph Strother and Edwin Strother, sons of John William (my father-in-law's "Uncle Johnny") and Linnie Bell Patterson Strother.  I wish there had been a picture of their older brother, William Patterson "Pat" Strother as well!
When my father-in-law saw these pictures, he told me he remember Ralph was red headed.  He laughed and said, "Uncle Johnny's boys could grab a rattlesnake by its tail, whip it and snap its neck.  They'd string them up in the loft of the barn.  One was so long it almost touched the floor." 
Many pictures have been pulled off the pages of the photo album, but it contains pictures of family and friends.  Most are labeled. The one below is labeled "The Gang" in blue ink but the only name Ralph is written in pencil above the boy standing on the left.  I'm adding it in case someone viewing the blog can identify those in the picture.  I cannot tell if the Ralph in this picture is Ralph Strother or not.

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