Monday, January 9, 2012

Matrilineal Monday - Myrtice Aline French Fowler

Myrtice, the daughter of Alvie French and Ollie Mae Calcote French, was born in Hamburg, Franklin County, Mississippi on July 14, 1922.  She told me this picture was of her and her Aunt Myrtis Calcote Hunter.

The photo below is of her Aunt Bertha Calcote Smith holding her in Hamburg in front of the train depot.

And this is one of her playing with her dog, Spot.

The 1930 Roxie, Franklin County, Mississippi census shows Myrtice, her two younger sisters, and parents lived in a rented house on West Street. This picture is of Myrtice, Edith Harrigill, Helen, and Voncile French.

Myrtice's father's occupation was listed as an assistant foreman for a steam railroad.

The writing is difficult to read, but a Google search lead me to a website that translates the occupational codes used on the 1930 census.  In the code 7477, the 74 is the occupational level of "foremen and overseers" and the 77 was for the industry "steam railroad".  That was helpful since it kept me from trying to look for the name of a specific railroad beginning with the letters "St".

In the coming weeks, I plan to have more information about the females in this line.

Since my blog entry for yesterday, the third anniversary of Myrtice's death, was about her obituary and a little about her life, today I'd like to add that she married on 25 September 1942 in Natchez, Mississippi and close with one of my favorite photographs of my in-laws.


  1. Hello Betty,
    Who were Edith Harrigill's parents?

  2. Edith's parents were Clarence Fulton Harrigill and Alice Lee French

  3. Thanks Betty,
    I realized that after I looked in my Family Tree maker data.