Monday, January 2, 2012

Mystery Monday - The Fowler Hotel - Jonesboro, Louisiana

While visiting during the Christmas holidays and looking at pictures, my father-in-law told me their house was often referred to as The Fowler Hotel.   He pointed and said the brick pillars (see picture below) on the sides of the porch and the fact that his Papa added a room each time he took in a kid were why it was called that.  His Papa took them in so they would have a place to stay and could attend school.

Maggie and Joe Fowler on their front porch


Who were they and what happened to them?  So many stayed "in the Fowler Hotel" over the years that my father-in-law couldn't remember all of their names.  He did remember the name Lillian Mason, but we did not find pictures of her.  There were two sisters named Ruby and Ivy. The picture below is labeled Talba or Falba and Ruby, but he only remembers someone named Ruby.                                                   

The only male name he could remember, other than the man called "Dad Thomas" I blogged about yesterday, was Thurman Heflin.  My father-in-law said the last he heard of Thurman he had a processing plant in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  Thurman Heflin is posing between someone named Elsie on the left and Nellie Fowler on the right.
Thurman Heflin
Thurman Heflin on the left with "Harley" 

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