Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday - City Cemetery - Natchez, Mississippi

Ok, I confess I do not have pictures of these tombstones, but decided to post this entry using the Tombstone Tuesday blog prompt on Geneabloggers anyway because of a phone call I received today.

In October 2011, we visited Aunt Cile, who lives near Natchez.  She told me there were six other family members buried in the family plot where her Granny, Virginia Buckles Calcote, was buried and the eighth plot was unused.
  1. William Harrison Calcote, Jr. - Granddaddy Calcote / Virginia's husband
  2. Alma Calcote Stevens - Grandmama French's sister
  3. Jimmy Stevens
  4. Bertha Calcote Smith - Grandmama French's sister
  5. Bill Smith - Bertha's husband
  6. Uncle Wright - his first name may have been Willie and he was "Granny's sister, Ella's, husband"
While in Natchez, we went to the City Cemetery a couple of times, but weren't there when the office was open and we didn't have Aunt Cile with us.  It's a huge place so we weren't able to locate the graves of anyone but my husband's maternal grandparents since we remembered the approximate location.

At home in November, I went to the cemetery's website and filled out a form requesting information.  The webmaster sent a reply saying the email was being forwarded to the cemetery director.  That was shortly before Thanksgiving and in the blur holiday activities, I had forgotten about my request until the cemetery director called me today and apologized for not replying sooner.  He said if I had time he would look up the information while we were on the phone.  Of course I had time!

The records are still being digitized and he had to do several different searches.  It wasn't as simple as typing in a surname to see if it would pop up.  He gave me the locations of the graves and some dates that he found, cautioning me that they might be the dates of interment rather than the death dates.  Sexton's records often only record the burial date.  I now have confirmation that William Harrison Calcote, Jr. and wife, Virginia Buckles Calcote, Alma Calcote Stevens and husband, James W. Stevens, and Alma Calcote Smith are buried in the Fields Section, Plot 103.  During the phone call we accidentally overlooked Bill Smith, Bertha's husband, but I found the Adams County, Mississippi Genealogical and Historical Research website at www.natchezbelle.org that had him listed. 

The cemetery director did not find "Uncle Wright", but mentioned a Sarah Robinson Buckels who died in 1903.  I'll have to email him to see if she is in the same plot as the others or if he just saw that name and mentioned it.  At this time I do not recognize that name.

While I'm excited to have this information, I'm hoping to visit Natchez, Mississippi again before too many more months go by and visit the cemetery to take pictures.

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