Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Workday Wednesday - Franklin County, Mississippi

Alvie French, my husband's maternal grandfather, is seated second on the left.  It is one of the pictures belonging to my husband's Aunt Voncile has that I scanned in October when we visited her.  Fortunately, this picture was labeled on the back so we know which one is him and the year it was taken. .

back of above picture

In Monday's blog entry, I included a "snip" of the 1930 Roxie, Franklin County, Mississippi Census showing he worked for the railroad as an assistant foreman at that time.  Until I chose this picture to post in connection with today's prompt, I had not made that connection.   After a brief search and reading an article on a website called Mississippi Rails, it seems the railroad may have been called the Mississippi Central Railroad, originally built by the lumber companies, but that is only supposition at this time.

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