Sunday, December 11, 2011

Advent Calendar Grab Bag - Old Christmas Postcards

My maternal grandmother, Nora Littie Inman Conley, gave me her postcard album.  Most of them are from the early 1900s.  They show she lived in Llano and Grundyville, Texas during that time period.  Here are some Christmas ones.
This postcard was addressed to my grandmother in 1907, but no message was written on it.  The one cent stamp is still attached; it was postmarked three times.  The first was at 1 PM, Dec 14 in Wellington, Texas.  The second at 7 PM that same day in Memphis, Texas.  The third is on the front - 12:30 AM [or PM?] on Dec 16 in Llano, Texas.

An invitation from her friend Viola to "come and take Xmas with us" was included in the message to my grandmother, Miss Nora Inman, in Llano, Texas.  Viola also states, "I went to church yesterday and had a nice time.  [can't read the name] and Virgia started school today."

 The back of the previous postcard was postmarked Nov 17, 1908 in Grundyville, Texas in Lampasas County.  My mother was born there in 1911.  Grundyville no longer exists and has only a short paragraph in The Handbook of Texas.

This card was sent by Emett Handy on Nov 19, 1908 from Pilot Point which is in Denton County, Texas.  I do not know how he and my grandmother knew each other, but found on the 1910 Lampasas County, Texas census, the families of William H. and Jefferson D. Handy near her and her husband, Frank Conley on Hamilton Road.

The postmark looks like TIOCA, Nov 24. The rest is too faded to read, but the last number of the year is an 8. It was addressed to my grandmother in Llano, Texas and signed "guess who".  Other postcards to her from Emett E. Handy from TIOGA, Texas solved that mystery.  In 2008 I contacted one of Emett's descendents through Ancestry and sent images of the postcards, but neither of us knows what their relationship might have been.

 My grandmother's sister, Earl Ophelia Inman Myers, sent this one to my grandmother some time after my grandmother's marriage to John Franklin Conley on 23 December 1908.  The top part of the postmark shows Llano [Texas] and the one cent stamp is still attached.

  This was to my mother from her "granmama".    Unfortunately I do not know which  one.  There is no  date, but it was after 1911.


  1. These are great! I wish I had some. If I did I might put them in frames and hang them in December. Thank you.

  2. I love the old postcards. I only have a few, but I treasure them.
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)