Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Workday Wednesday - Joyce, Winn Parish, Louisiana

Today I discovered the Workday Wednesday blog prompt on GeneaBlogger

Can anyone tell me about the Joyce Laying Camp?  Before posing this question, I did an Internet search and found no references to it except when 1920 census records are mentioned.  It appears to me what was written Joyce Loging Camp was transcribed Joyce Laying Camp.  There is no category for submitting  alternate information to Ancestry regarding this.  Should I try?  Suggestions???

My search also found a book, Winn Parish, part of the Images of America series published by Arcadia Publishing in June 2011.  The picture of the cover was used with permission from the publisher.  Information about the book states, "The majority of the images were donated from private collections and local residents."
Joe Cecil Fowler, seated on front of the log - others unknown
 My father-in-law is so pleased to have pictures of his father as a logger.  He told me one of them was loaned to someone since it was the only one in existence.  I wonder if one of these is in the book, which I will definitely order as soon as I finish this blog entry!

Joe Fowler is standing on the left.
The names of the other men are unknown.

 A note on the back said this was taken from a larger picture.


Text at the bottom in white reads:
Saw Crew
J. M. Temple, Fm'n. 
AT. Boyd, Sea ler
Joyce, La.


  1. Betty, My great-grandfather A.B. Martindale owned and operated sawmills in East Texas. For a time he also worked at mills in Missouri and Louisiana. Good luck in finding out more about the logging camp!

    The book arrived. None of the pictures I have are in the book, but there is one on page 11 that could be Joe Cecil Fowler. I can't wait to show it to my father-in-law and ask if he can tell. I'm sure he will enjoy seeing the book and hopefully it will lead to more information as he comments on it. He has told me he thought the name of the company was Tremont Lumber Company, and it is mentioned in the book.