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Matrilineal Monday - Maggie Elizabeth Hearne Fowler Alexander

Maggie Elizabeth Hearne was born 10 Jan 1897 in Louisiana to James L. and Josephine G. Wooten Hearne.  She is listed on the 1900 Jackson Parish, Louisiana census with her parents, and two brothers, James E[rnest] and Everett S[ilvester].
Perhaps it is because James Lawson Hearne died in 1905 (see the entry on and the family was in transition, a 1910 census record for Maggie has not been located.  Her brothers' WWI draft registrations were in Winn Parish, Louisiana in 1917 and 1918.

This photo must have been taken before Maggie married.  The arrows point to Ellis Lee, a former beau, Maggie, and her mother.  The person who added the information on the back of the photo stated the names of the others were not known.

Joe, holding Hazel, Maggie "expecting Nellie"

Since Hazel was born in 1915 and Guenelda, "Nellie", was born in December 1917, this photo was most likely taken in 1917 in Winn Parish.

World War I Draft Registration records were located for both of Maggie's brothers and her husband in Winn Parish.  Joe Fowler and James Ernest Hearne registered 5 June 1917 and Everett Silvester Hearne registered 12 Sep 1918.

On the 1920 Winn Parish, Louisiana census, Joseph Fowler and wife, Maggie are listed as living in Winn Parish at the logging camp in Joyce, Louisiana with their daughters Hazel and Nellie.  Maggie's brothers have both married and are enumerated in Joyce "Loging" Camp in Winn Parish.  Their mother, Josephine G. Hearne, is a widow living with her son, Everett, and his wife.

Hazel, Clois, Nellie, Maggie, Josephine G. or Virginia (her mother) with Everett who was called "Son". The picture was probably taken in 1923. Josephine died in December 1927.
According to the 1930 census, the family, including James, the youngest child, were living in Jackson Parish, Louisiana.

This photo of Maggie Elizabeth Hearne Fowler was taken a few months before the death of her husband, Joe Cecil (aka Cephus or Josephus and Joseph) Fowler in February 1943.

A note or poem was recently found among a descendant's pictures.  It seems to be in Maggie's handwriting and is transcribed as follows:

In Memory of My
Husband who died 3 years ago 
                    my husband
In memory of  Joe C. Fowler
Who passed away Feb 6, 1943
Three years has come and gone
Still fond memories linger on
of a loved one we layed away
Three sad years ago today
He is gone but never forgotten
And as dawns another year
In our lonely hours of thinking
Thoughts of him are always near

Maggie married Amzy Dell Alexander some time after the death of his second wife, Bessie Loe, who died in 1947. His first wife, Virginia Tiny Rhymes, died in 1925. He is buried beside her in the East Mount Olive Cemetery in Bienville Parish.
Maggie and Dell Alexander
Maggie died on April 20, 1972 and is buried by Joe Cecil in Jonesboro, Jackson Parish, Louisiana.

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